Publishing “Ring of Winter”

Today marks my first foray into the realm of eBook publishing! I wrote “Ring of Winter” during my time at Central Washington University. The narrative reads like a screenplay and can be finished in one sitting (or standing, if you like).

Ring of Winter cover artSynopsis

In a society that euthanizes its elderly, James McGregor has been given a second chance. He is one of a few select citizens living at a remote facility in the Cascade Mountains, receiving skills for social reintegration. But Officer Packet, a young man assigned to oversee James’ progress, is determined to kill him.

Format: eBook | Word count: 5,895 | Price: 99¢

Forget the trials of writing… publishing an eBook was an adventure in itself! I had hoped to publish on Google Play Books until the process hit a snag. It could have been cleared up if customer support were one of Google’s priorities. Sadly, such is not the case. The situation with Barnes and Noble was similar, but the support team thankfully materialized.

Working with Amazon, Kobo, and iBooks has been a breeze in comparison. I recommend all three with a minor caveat for Amazon.

My intent was to make this story free on Amazon, but that’s only an option if you give them exclusivity or offer a paperback version along with the eBook version. That made little sense to me, so I resolved to sell it for the lowest price allowed: 99¢.

Then I thought, “If I make it free everywhere but on Amazon, who will buy it on Amazon?” So, I found a compromise.

For the remainder of February, you can grab it for free on Nook, Kobo, and iBooks! The price will revert to 99¢ at the end of the month.

Short story reviewer and author Meggan Haller wrote a review! Beware of spoilers.

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