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Each day at work, I eat lunch. Or I snack, one of the two. Sometimes both. We have two break rooms at work: the general break room, and the quiet break room. Although the latter is often cooler in temperature and vacant, it’s where I prefer to eat my food and mull over plot details of my short stories or mentally revise my screenplay. This wouldn’t be particularly noteworthy if not for a curious poster on the wall.

Fighting the writing. That’s what I’m doing. I’ve become horrendously overcome with apathy regarding each and every class. I don’t know why I don’t care, except that nothing in college seems to stir my interest. I’d much rather be writing “Sunday Knights VII: The Phantom Ultimatum.” Yup, I finally decided on a subtitle. Yay!

September is here again, and here I am again at Central Washington University in Ellensburg. I gave the blog a break for the summer, but now that I’m back in school (and eating gross quantities of food), I’ve decided to pick it up again. I’ve already got a bit more spare time than any of my previous quarters afforded, so I’m hoping to use it to my advantage. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) starts in November, and by golly I want to give it a try! My diet over the

Summer has officially arrived. Well, it arrived a day or two (or three) ago, but who wants to get technical? Not me, especially after the eleven-page technical report I wrote during finals week. Yeah, that’s right: eleven pages! Thankfully, the topic was interesting and relevant, and I was able to incorporate creative design elements into the document. Now that school is several weeks behind me, I’ve been quickly adjusting to my old way of life here on the West side. Costco welcomed me back to work on June 14, and

Now that I’m a solid two weeks into spring quarter, I find myself at home. The concept of home is something I scarcely contemplated prior to moving to Ellensburg and starting college, but since that time, I’ve thought of little else. At least in terms of “serious thoughts,” the likes of which I suspect most people suspect I do not have. That’s what I call doubly suspicious suspicion. The fact that Ellensburg is a temporary residence was never an issue. The fact that living with my family is a temporary

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